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Consulting Services

In addition to aluminium sourcing, our team is able to offer consulting services for companies in relation to aluminium, problem resolution, process analysis, management consulting and various other arms of business.

Professional Expertise

Our Partners come from various backgrounds, but all have held executive positions in multi-national conglomerates in the aluminium and metal industries. Using our combined professional experience and expertise, we will be able to advise you as needed.

Regional Reach

Regional reach with a global touch. At APAC, we are dedicated to our services and are deadline driven. We have a network of partners, staff and consultants that are rooted in the Asia region through their professional experiences.

Aluminium Sourcing

We help clients source high-grade aluminium for their needs whether it be sheet and coil, painted sheet and coil, plate, extrusions, tube, rod/bar and AL composite panels(ACP), or custom made Aluminium products.